Wildscotphotos is the wildlife photography home of Eric McCabe. Eric has a wide range of Natural History interests ranging from Birds and Dragonflies to large mammals, both at home in the U.K., and further worldwide.
Eric has been taking photographs for more than 40 years, maintaining a wide range of natural history interests. He sees himself fundamentally as a naturalist with a camera rather than a photographer who takes picture of animals.

Eric is past President of the Zoological Photographic Club (ZPC). The ZPC is a postal portfolio of over 120 years standing, featuring many of the top UK wildlife photographers. He also supplies images to Alamy photographic agency.
Eric shoots a wide variety of subjects, particularly concentrating on Birds and Dragonflies and travels abroad to further his career.   Take a look at the trips page to see where Eric has been on his photographic travels recently or click to see what presentations he could offer to your Natural History or Photographic Society.      

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