Owl sightings in December are rare. However, the last post referenced Waxwing which visit our shores in the colder months. So does one owl. Like the Waxwing the number vary hugely but 2023 is a decent one. They have probably come from Scandinavia, or quite possibly from Russia.

The Short-eared Owl is highly nomadic. Outside the breeding season it tracks over potentially great distances to find food. Sometimes there can be a small cluster. Over time the numbers dwindle – they are not social outside the breeding season.

The other unusual characteristic of the Short-eared Owl is that can, and does. hunt during the day. Their prey is small rodents so they come into competition with Kestrels. Who wins? They are well matched. We have seen fights with Kestrel winning but other reports cite the Owl as the winner. Anyway they are a thrilling site for a winter’s day.

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